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When people talk about the "Asian Tigers”, they’re typically referring to Singapore, Hongkong, South Korea and Taiwan as they experienced rapid growth between last 2 decades.

But now there is another name that comes in mind, which is Bangladesh with a market of 170 million people and 7.3% rate of GDP growth.

The Present Government navigates Bangladesh to the status of middle-income group country by 2021 to achieve the blueprint of “DIGITAL BANGLADESH”.

This growth has impacted over all socia-economic-cultural atmosphere of the country.

The present generation is thriving for innovation and there is an increase in overall appetite.

Bangladesh and West Bengal is intact one land divided in two different country. There is the power of “ONE” in terms of one language, one literature, one culture, one Entertainment with many shades and variations.

Way of life and cuisine has more similarities than differences.

But being divided in two countries has created outward distance.

People on both sides of Bengal always crave for more close interaction and exchanges.

A platform is very much needed to explore this Power of “ONE”. And to start with let’s take the most sought off medium, which is ENTERTAINMENT.


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